Monday, 22 January 2018

Tossed Trust

You promised me love,
And your quality time.
On the rooftop,
Some stars and lights.

I believed in you,
Yes, i was naive.
Stars aren't my belongings,
But a pleasant sight.

False hopes all along,
You confronted me with lies.
Boasted my love,
In exhibition of your friends eyes.

Explained how you explore me,
And claimed, i enjoy and moan.
To prove your manlihood,
You Objectified my body. You moron.

Tore me naked,
Until my bones and veins were visible.
Whatelse will they speak,
They enjoy my naked show.

The way you slip your hands,
From my neck to my breasts.
And play with my body,
As if it's yours for the rest.

With thirst in those eyes,
They demand for more.
And you! Whom i trust,
Go onn to expose.

Demonstrating, stripping me down,
And kissing my body with your hungry lips.
Teasing, until i loose control,
And lay down on my spine and hips.

Yes! I lose control,
Afterall it's human body.
I am constructed by god that way,
So pure and naturally.

You honk down at my hips,
As if they are your lunch.
Hey hey! Stop enough!
I ain't your piece of crunch.

You camouflaged your lust,
No! Don't call it love.
Holding hands, kissing forehead,
Were possibilities you totally shoved.

I gave in my self,
For a mere word " TRUST".
Well played man,
Tossed and punched and scattered my trust.

By Sunidhi Raiya

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

A Better Place To Live

If your eyes are wanderer, roaming with thirst in this lone land, we can quench your thirst :- By Sunidhi Raiya

Just like another usual day, I was sitting on the couch wondering how life takes turn every now and then. How people come in our life and passes by. How everything turns around. Truth is what you see or you always have to seek if the given situation is truth or a lie?


The unsaid lies we face every day and various faces of a single person we come across, that’s what change us every day. That’s how we grow and emerge as a better and more understanding human. But what about those minds, who are not open enough to understand the truth behind those fake curtains of sympathy, the minds that are narrow to understand a budding dream.

I want to bring a change whenever I go through such thoughts. I feel the world is the worst place to stay at times.

But than, “there’s hope in everything you see”. Its all upon your way of looking at things right? So I just turned my face a little towards the bright side. And even if there is none, my friend you can be that enlightening force in someone’s life. Keep looking at the positive and keep helping the ones in need.

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Live till Eternity

Hello guys! welcome to another post. Wondering what is it about? Well the title speaks out loud enough. So let me begin this journey. I hope as you move the cursor down while reading, you will end up with a smile.

And this is how it started,
she was writing a script,
With red ink,
Visibly, she stopped to blink.

A closer look,
A magnified examination,
Red was the blood,
Everyone else shrugged.

With her bleeding wrist,
May she rest in peace,
With a soothing smile,
She went an extra mile.

In a misty world,
Her face turned blue,
Standing by herself,
She watched the view.

It seemed fascinating,
She glanced around,
It was her soul,
Roaming around.

Lying there, DEAD,
Soaked in blood,
Crowd gazing, TERRIFIED,
None  stepped forward.

She kept wandering,
Under boundless blue skies,
searching why,
she was alive after she died.

Life till eternity,
Was this one?
She wondered!
Was something left undone?

Sitting on the bench,
Totally nonchalant ,
She keenly analyzed,
Everyone seemed vigorous.

There exist,
no heaven and hell.
Living in illusions,
Won't ring the bell.

oh! dear lord,
she prayed,
Let me be united with my loved ones,
in this eternity forever.

Sunday, 11 June 2017

SELFISH (A trait adapted by many)

Hello. So, here i am with a poem which portrays a story. Its a simple poetry but what it conveys is important. So, here we go.
Image result for selfish

There lived a girl, some about thirteen,
The age was new, she just entered the teens.
She thought about others, more than herself,
Her parents taught her, put yourself in the end.

Her priorities were, to help others.
Although she was aware, it would be tough.
And as she grew, some about eighteen,
Everything seemed obsolete, as she entered the university.

She made new friends and loved them the most.
But after a time, this came to an end.
Every penny was counted,
which she lend.

When she stood by herself, and stepped out her adobe,
she realized, nothing she owns.
No- one in the world stood by her side,
When she needed the most, her friends were out of sight.

 Soon she understood, reality of this dark world.
Her parents died in a road crash, now she was alone.
Nobody helped her, in hard times.
Although, she lend a helping hand to everyone she like.

Situations made her rude, like others were to her.
The INNOCENT girl was lost somewhere.
She became self centered, and worked hard.
Soon she succeeded, Jealousy invaded Darth.

She was titled SELFISH, after her changed behavior,
She never bothered or craved anybody's appreciation.
She kept working to become enough capable,
And reached heights unimaginable.

Now, she is old. whenever she looks back,
There's a smile on her wrinkled face, saying " Whole world is hypocrite."
She's proud of herself, She never broke down.
She's PROUD to be SELFISH, that's what time demands now.

Monday, 5 June 2017

Real Happiness

Hello! welcome to my second post.
Ever wondered what's inside you? What your soul says to you? NO. In this busy gadgets oriented life we forget about the real sources of happiness. Leaving the materialistic things what are our talents that keep us alive and what our heart seeks out in this world full of fake and untrustworthy humans?

"I saw the world wearing rose tinted glasses once"  said Diya while untangling her messy hair, sitting on a sofa of her well furnished house. "It all fades away as you face the reality and understand this brutal world."
Staring her with his wide open eyes, unable to understand the feelings and emotions behind her simple words was his best friend Sahil. It wasn't new for him now. Whenever they met now a days he saw a different Diya. He knew that something was bothering this girl he knew from 4th grade. But what it was he never understood.

Diya has been another girl who lived in a fancy house with her parents and one sister. She loved her lavishing lifestyle until the day her rose tinted glasses broke, and with it her faith too. She had thoughts, a cluster of them, but she never knew how to express them after what happened to her.

"You are getting weirder each day, what's the matter with you Diya? You never kept things to yourself earlier" said Sahil in a frustrated tone.
She was there in front of him, not making a single move or even change in her expressions.
"DIYA" he shook her "I am worried for you honey, you have to tell me what's the matter?" Sahil was now scared to see her childhood buddy in a condition he had never imagined.

A drop of tear came out of her large swollen eyes and rolled down her cheek as she struggled to speak. She felt a lump in her throat. It never happened to her before. Maybe she never cried for hours, day and night before too. However, she overcame all of these feelings and finally few words came out.

"He tried to kiss me." and she started crying louder. "He touched me and tried to kiss me", she repeated in her shrilled voice.
"WHO" he asked. His eyes were red now and he was filled with anger & at the same time he was worried about Diya. Suddenly, there was a tsunami of emotions inside him. He himself was unable to realize which of these emotions was overcoming the other. "Who the hell was he?"
"Dev. It was Dev. I know I am stupid. He is my boyfriend, but he forced me Sahil" she hugged him, still sobbing.
Sahil was startled for a moment. Diya had been always secretive about her personal life. It was the first time she opened up about him. He wasn't sure if he should say anything, but one thing he knew for sure, if Diya is crying than what Dev did must be terribly wrong.

"He forced you?" asked Sahil hugging her back.
 Suddenly she stood up, she remained silent for a few seconds and then looked back at Sahil.
"I think now you should go back to your house Sahil, I will see you tomorrow"
Sahil wasn't able to move from his place. He never saw or heard Diya so broken. It seemed she can't be fixed anymore. Her big beautiful eyes seemed to be soaked in deep dark worries of her life.
"You won't even try to talk to Dev ever Sahil, promise me" Her voice was desperate and needy.
"Why? I don't understand?" Sahil felt helpless more than ever.
Diya went to her room without giving any reply.

It was one of the hardest day of Sahil's life. He still was unable to understand what was going on.
He called Diya but she responded just once.
"I broke up with him Sahil but I really love him" and she seemed to be drown away in an unsaid loneliness.
Sahil kept saying HELLO!!!! but there was no reply.

Sahil was concerned and he knew the only way to bring her back from her devastated life was to draw her attention towards her talent and passion. He met her the very next day at their same old meeting destination, THE ROOF.
"Diya ever thought why we get sad in this world?" asked Sahil.
"umm.. because everyone hurt us?" Diya replied.
"Certainly Not, we get hurt because we choose to get hurt. Its the temporary attachments we make which are the reason of our despise. We get attached to people and love them unconditionally without accepting the fact that Nothing is permanent." explained Sahil.
Diya heard him with all her focus after a long time.
"You need to search your permanent happiness, anything you enjoy the most. That's the only way to overcome past fears, that keeps ruining your beautiful smile." Sahil was saying all this while looking at the bright moon in the dark sky. "I know you have the power to overcome the doomed memories just like the moon overcoming the darkness of the night."

That night Diya couldn't sleep. She knew Sahil was right. Materialistic things are temporary indeed so she kept searching what was her field of interest.
Next day when Sahil entered Diya's room he saw Diya was busy making a list.
"Hey! I am waiting for you. Come here." a confused voice came from Diya's side.
"Singing, Dancing, Writing... what is this about Diya?" asked Sahil.
"Remember what you said last night? Search your real happiness, explore your talent. I couldn't sleep last night. I kept thinking about it but yet i don't think its any of these." she sounded doomed again.
Sahil was looking at her. He was now feeling deprived. A thought pinged his mind. " where are your paintings?" he asked. At the same moment he stood up and took that list from her hands and scribbled painting on it.
"I left painting two years ago. you must be kidding me Sahil."he kept smiling and said try this out. I know this is it. He was not confident about his prediction but, about the way she used to portray her feelings beautifully with her magical brush. Magic never belonged to the brush, it was always SHE.

Next day, he couldn't find her anywhere in her house. He searched everywhere but failed. The sweat on his forehead itself spoke about his worries.
He peeked out from the window, and there she was behind a large tree, holding her sword back: HER PAINTING BRUSH.  He was amazed to see the view. Colors were spread all over the room.
Diya figured out her one true attachment. The one that is forever. She seemed happier than ever and devoted her time in painting.

That's the difference between real and temporary happiness. Importance of real attachments can't be compared to any other thing. If you think your happiness is dependent on people around you and you search it in them, your approach is wrong. Happiness can be found in our own soul. Its inside us, you just need find it out.

Friday, 2 June 2017


So, here is my first post. If you have ever felt that darkness is covering you from every side and you don't know if bright side is good or same as dark, then my friend all you need is to just go through my poem once.


Do i deserve dark or to be bounded with light ?
Do i deserve happiness or only strive?
Does light search a place for its existence?
As dark is spread all around without any persistence.

Light is thought to be a boon,
Is it really so?
Why are people afraid of DARK?
Just because they want to see the glow.

Glow is not always that cool,
Light is not always that bright.
Brightness may look fascinating,
but darkness is always the other sight.

Darkness is not a bane,
Just because its away from the shine.
The real fear is OBLIVION,
As it can't be noticed by naked eyes.


I wonder why dark is said evil,
Sometimes its better than light.
It swallow the fake face of world,
and keep us out of ugly sights.

Fear of failure,  afraid of loss,
Hard work is key, to get out of the cause.
Words will remain words, actions are required,
To achieve real glow, determination must be acquired.